TSH Biopharm (8432-TW) reaches the agreement with Anxo Pharmaceutical to develop high technology demanded special formulation new drug  ABTA19 to aim global cardiovascular disease. ABTA19 is the first special formulation treatment to target the vast hypertension market, and forecast of this type of treatment is expected to grow with double digits in Asia-Pacific.

TSH Biopharm has successful track record on the new formulation development registration capability, conducted clinical trials for cardiovascular, and the oversea operation, according to Grace Yang, the General Manager of TSH Biopharm. New territory development including Thailand, which has generated sales since 2011, Philippine, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Hong-Kong are all in the progress of product registration, and it is expected to launch in the coming years. The collaboration with Anxo Pharmaceutical will enhance TSH’s current product portfolio, and demonstrate the new drug development capability of companies from Taiwan. According to the agreement with Anxo Pharmaceutical, TSH will own all the right of ABTA19 and be responsible for all the development of market of interest, including clinical development, registration, and commercialization. All the clinical development is expected to complete within two years and TSH expect the potential market of oral form anti-hypertension drug is about 76 billion NTD in its target market.
        It is the 10th year since TSH Biopharm span off from the parent companyTTY Biopharm since 2010, and TSH Biopharm IPO in April of 2012. TSH Biopharm is one of few pharmaceutical companies own both in-house development and commercial capability, focus on cardiovascular gastrointestinal, and autoimmune disease. TSH Biopharm has successfully developed and launched NCE, High technology demanded formulation, and Biologics like TuNEX, the very first monoclonal antibody new drug developed by Taiwan Company, and also  plans to launch 3 new drugs in 5 years. Rancad (Ranolazine) is the latest product launched, which is the only new product approved for Angina. TSH Biopharm believes this will be available for patient in the second half of this year (2020).
      TSH Biopharm adopts new strategy since Grace on-board as General Manager in 2019. Other than the new product development and oversea operation, TSH initiates the identification of new opportunity in precision treatment, and tap into the precision diagnosis business territory.