TSH Biopharm’s Core value is focusing on Improve quality of life in patients with chronic diseases. We devote to develop innovative treatments for patients to fight cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and autoimmune disease. TSH Biopharm is aiming these disease areas in Asia Market with internal capabilities including Sales, Marketing, Regulatory Affair, and Clinical development, and R&D management. As an Innovative new drug development company, we have been investing sustainable resource, and work closely with partners to develop our R&D pipeline, including new compound, new formulation, new combination, and Biosimilars.

Other than treatments TSH Biopharm work with CellMax to offer Personal diagnosis service for Cancer risk assessment, Cancer diagnosis, and Progression monitoring. All the tests are performed in CLIA and CAP certified laboratory with proprietary Technologies. New tests are underdeveloped to cover more cancer types and other disease areas. 



RNTA06 is used to treat angina. R06 can response the demand from angina treatment market, with good safety profile. Considering the high entry barrier of development, we believe R06 can create significant value from the market.       



TRIA11 is a biosimilar indicated for osteoporosis. The current global sales of the original product reaches to $1.7 billion. An injection pen is also developed to enhance the convenience of use.  TRIA11 is planned to launch in EU first, and TSH Biopharm has consulted EMA for the development plan. TRIA 11 is expected to move into clinical stage by the end of 2019.